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  • Anti-Static Tape

    Anti-Static Tape

    ESD safe clear cellulose tape with ESD Symbols is hand tearable and biodegradable. It is coated with a Solvent Based Natural Rubber Adhesive which provided excellent tack and holding power. Used for general purpose mending, binding packaging and carton...

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  • ESD Inspection Gloves

    ESD Inspection Gloves

    ESD Inspection Gloves Designed to be worn when handling ESD susceptible items. They are made with a dissipative nylon to reduce charge generation. A seamless fine gauge knit construction makes it the most breathable glove available. Gloves may be...

    $36.00 - $38.00
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  • ESD Wastebasket

    ESD Wastebasket

    The 5075 Static Dissipative Wastebasket is ideal for clean rooms, manufacturing, inspection, quality control and research industries where static control is crucial. This sturdy, high-density polyethylene container dissipates static electricity...

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  • Individual IPA wipes

    Individual IPA wipes

    Individual IPA Wipes are pre-saturated alcohol wipes for general purpose cleaning.  Each foil pack contains 2 wipes.  Each case is 10 foil pack for a total of 20 wipes.   Easy-to-use pre-saturated general purpose wipe Hydrospun...

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  • SALE
    Ionmaster 1000

    Ionmaster 1000

    *NEW PRODUCT* Available Spring 2020 The IonmasterTM Ionization Monitor is the only real-time ionization monitor that measures ion balance and equivalent charge plate monitoring discharge rates.  This unique monitor measures positive and...

    Was: $4,200.00
    Now: $3,700.00
  • Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

    Anti-static neutral cleaners provide constant detergency and can be used in all facilities, as they leave no film or streaks and are safe for septic and sewage systems. Anti-static properties of production environments will not be degraded with these...

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  • Nitrile ESD Gloves - 9"

    Nitrile ESD Gloves safeguard against damage caused by static discharge and contamination. The inherent anti-static, low tribocharging nature of nitrile gives natural static protection without additives or carbon shedding. As a homogeneous material,...

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  • Staticide ESD Finger Cots

    Staticide ESD Finger Cots

    ESD Finger Cots are available in both Latex and Nitrile for those with latex-allergy issues. ESD finger cots provide protection against skin and oil contamination. Latex ESD Finger Cots: While anti-static pink latex is commonly recognized for being...

    $123.00 - $163.00
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  • Staticide Hi Tech Hand Lotion

    Staticide Hi Tech Hand Lotion

    Moisture on skin is vital to wrist strap performance for personal grounding. Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion’s static dissipative formula moisturizes the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist strap which is imperative in the...

    $164.00 - $288.00
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