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  • Analog Megohmmeter

    The 850 meter is an easy-to-use analog surface resistance tester. It is designed for measuring resistance of work surfaces and flooring in accordance with various standards including ANSI/ESDA S4.1 for Worksurface – Resistance Measurements and...

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  • Combo Tester

    The 750 Combo-Tester measures electrical resistance of wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and individually. The 750 can do what pass/fail testers cannot: Give actual resistance readings and store data. When the software is used,...

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  • Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter 521AE

    Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter 521AE

    Our Field Meter is a hand held, high quality, non-contacting field meter. It is designed to accurately measure the strength of electrostatic fields generated by static charges on ESD sensitive materials and components, on films, polymers and other...

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  • Digital Megohmmeter

    The 800 Digital Megohmmeter is a dependable and easy-to-use audit kit that is designed to test static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity and resistance according to industry standards such as ANSI/ESD test methods S4.1, S7.1, and ASTM D257...

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  • Economy Combo Tester

    The 780 Economy Combo Tester will individually and simultaneously test each wrist strap and heel grounder for proper connection and resistivity value in less than three seconds. With speed, ease and clarity, colored LED shows test results. No...

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  • Electrostatic Fieldmeter FMX-004

    The FMX-004 measures static voltages within +/- 22kV (22,000V) at a distance of 1". Results are simultaneously displayed numerically and in bar graph format. POWER on/off, ZERO adjustment, Ion Balance (IB) and HOLD are all push button operation. The HOLD...

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  • Electrostatic Locator Model 450 Data Sheet

    Electrostatic Locator (Ionized Environment)

    Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator Measure static accurately in ionized environments The 450 Digital Static Locator is ideal for determining the source of electrostatic charges in areas where static is of concern, particularly in ionized...

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  • Electrostatic Locator 350 Data Sheet

    Electrostatic Locator 350

    The 350 Digital Static Locator is a non-contact meter that indicates electrostatic field voltage and polarity on charged surfaces. This easy to use instrument comes equipped with a Power On/Hold button and a zero button.   The locator is ideal...

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  • Personal Wrist and Footwear Tester

    Basic Audit Station for Small Companies The 680 Economy Wrist and Footwear Tester is a good alternative for companies seeking a personal auditing station but do not need to save data. This simple meter will indicate resistance with a...

  • Precision Electrostatic Locator

    Our popular analog field meter suits most customers needing to indicate the voltage generated from a charged object. This pocket-sized meter reliably measures the electrostatic field of charged stationary items from 0 ± 30,000 volts. This...

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  • Surface Resistivity Meter

    The 380 Surface Resistivity Meter is a lightweight tester for measuring surface resistivity in ohms per square according to parallel resistivity probe method ASTM D257. Easy to use, this meter shows values through an LED scale that is coded with colors...

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  • Surface Resistivity Meter (High Precision)

    Precision Auditor for ESD-Protected Areas. The handheld 395 Surface Resistivity Meter features sophisticated circuitry that produces higher accuracy than other pocket-sized meters. This allows for the same advantages as megohmeters, but at an economical...

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  • Tension Voltage Detector

    The TensION Voltage Detector enables the user to check both AC and DC static neutralizing and charging products.  Without making contact with the actual equipment, it provides an easy and safe way to check if high voltage is present.  The...

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