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  • Anti-Static Copper Tinsel

    Garland is precision made copper tinsel with a solid copper wire center.  The tinsel is a 1-1/4" diameter that can easily be cut to fit your application. The fine copper strands conduct the static charge from the paper, plastic, and cloth materials...

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  • Anti-Static Cord

    Anti-Static Cord

    Anti-Static Cord is effective in a wide variety of industrial applications, and is easy to use. Tiny microfibers provide thousands of conductive points which cause static electricity charges to ionize and flow to ground. Anti-Static Cord should be placed...

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  • Anti-Static Cord Mounting Magnets

    Garland copper strands conduct the static charge from the paper, plastic, and cloth materials that pass over or under the tinsel. Tinsel gives you the finest low-cost eliminator available for low or occasional static electricity problems. Mounting...

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  • Conductive Heel Straps

    When used with conductive floor mats, Conductive Heel Straps drain static charges off personnel while permitting full freedom of movement. Heel Grounders are held in place with hook and loop straps. A conductive tab fits into shoe or sock.

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  • Conductive Wristbands

    Conductive Wristbands are durable and lightweight to comfortably ground static charges on personnel instantly. One-size-fits-all adjustable elastic wristband with cam buckle closure. Curl cords have a one-megohm resistor with snap connector at wrist band...

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