Copper mesh, extrusion die soap and copper pads for use in manufacturing processes, commercial distilling, rodent control applications and more.

  • Heavy Duty Copper Mesh (Copper Gauze)

    Heavy Duty Copper Mesh (Copper Gauze)

    Copper mesh (copper gauze) cleans precision parts such as injection molding or extrusion equipment without scratching. Our copper gauze is an ideal solution for sheeting extruders or tubing dies, cleaning vent holes in dies and injection molds as...

    $48.00 - $728.00
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  • Copper Pads (10 Pads) Copper Pads (10 Pads)

    Copper Pads (10 Pads)

    Copper wool is a great solution for a number of applications. Use it as a softer material for cleaning surfaces you do not want to scour or scratch. Ideal for removing buildup on chrome plated extruder parts Intended for use on hard surfaces, to remove...

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  • AM10000C (Case of 12 Bars)
AM10000 (1 Bar)

    Extrusion Die Soap

    Our AM10000 industrial Die Soap is a general purpose compound ideal for safely cleaning extrusion dies, barrels and feedscrews which have plastic or carbon residues. Our extrusion soap is made with ultra fine abrasives and is safe for use of temperatures...

    $25.00 - $228.00
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