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  • Power Unit 5.5Kv

    Power Unit 5.5Kv

    HP50-2 Power Unit, 5.5Kv Output, 115V, 2-Ports, Special Balanced Output OV (+/- 50V)   Specifically for use with the AME4125B Ionized Air Gun. Sold seperately.   Questions? Contact Us

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  • EXHP Power Supply EXHP Power Supply

    EXHP Power Supply

    The EXHP Power Unit is a high 6kV power unit, which supplies the energy used to run the ATEX Certified EX1250 Static Eliminator Bars. The EXHP Power Unit produces the high voltage and low current in a controlled and safe way to provide the power for...

    $740.00 - $1,150.00
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  • 7KV power supply for anti-static bars and anti-static guns Static Control Power Supplies

    Static Control Power Supplies

    The power supplies have 6' primary cord. 230V versions available. The power supplies have two terminals. Cable terminals, item # 5050001 also available.  Available Power Supplies: D167Q: 7KV, 120V powers up to 100 Nozzles F167: 7KV, powers up...

    $463.00 - $560.00
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