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  • COBRA Static Elimination Gun

    The Cobra Static Control Gun's ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use and its lightweight construction makes it both durable and reduces operator fatigue. The variable trigger allows the...

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  • MEJ Electrical Anti Static Bar

    Cylindrical Electrical Anti Static Bar

    The MEJ Static Control Bar has a small, circular size allowing it to easily fit in tight spaces. The MEJ is a very efficient and versatile static eliminator which is used in a wide variety of...

    $308.00 - $1,914.00
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  • Electrostatic Fieldmeter FMX-004

    The FMX-004 measures static voltages within +/- 22kV (22,000V) at a distance of 1". Results are simultaneously displayed numerically and in bar graph format. POWER on/off, ZERO adjustment, Ion...

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  • IVSE 5000 Static Control Blower

    The I-VSE 5000 static neutralizing blower neutralizes static charges fast in demanding industrial environments. High volume variable speed fan Passive ionization circuit Effective...

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  • Electrical Anti Static Bar MEB

    Square Ionizing Anti Static - Electrical

    The MEB Static Control Bar is a very efficient and versatile static eliminator used in a wide variety of applications. Its small size and ability to fit in tight spaces, makes it a favorite of...

    $255.00 - $1,566.00
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  • 7KV power supply for anti-static bars and anti-static guns

    Static Control Power Supplies

    The power supplies have 6' primary cord. 230V versions available. The power supplies have two terminals. If more than two devices are to be operated from one power supply a 4-outlet Multiple...

    $428.00 - $666.00
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  • Top Gun Ionizing Air Gun, 120V

    Top Gun Static Elimination Gun

    The Top Gun (static control gun) is designed for user comfort with its flexible cord and easy-to-use trigger switch. The controls are integrated into the static gun body, including ionization...

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