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Anti Static Bar - Nuclear

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    Brass Air Tube (for use with Nuclestat ionizing bars)

    The 4275 brass air tube adds an air curtain that allows the bar to be placed further from the application or when the removal of dust and debris is required. This combination is ideal when working with irregular shaped parts or when the static eliminator...

    $85.00 - $285.00
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  • Linear Rail Ionizer

    Linear Rail Ionizer

    The Staticmaster Linear Rail Ionizers are ideal for eliminating particulate in cleanroom applications, such as semiconductor front and backend. Because no external power source is required to operate these Ionizers, they are an economical and effective...

    $278.00 - $2,303.00
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  • Nuclestat Ionizer Bar with Bristles

    Nuclestat Ionizer Bar with Bristles

      This P2001-I is designed or maximum reduction of high static levels of charge. The P2001-I induction bar is a powerful ionizer, able to take on the toughest challenges. In applications where static levels exceed 3000 volts, the...

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  • Nuclestat Ionizer Bar without Bristles Data Sheet Page 1

    Nuclestat Ionizer Bar without Bristles

    The P2001 Nuclestat ionizer delivers ionization right where it is needed, producing a uniform balanced ionization along its active length. Requiring no external power source to operate, this ionizer proves to be an...

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