Anti Static Gun - Electrical

  • COBRA Static Elimination Gun

    COBRA Static Elimination Gun

    The Cobra Static Control Gun's ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use and its lightweight construction makes it both durable and reduces operator fatigue. The variable trigger allows the operator to easily regulate the static gun's air output. A...

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  • Electrical Handheld Air Ionizer

    Electrical Handheld Air Ionizer

    The 6405 Electrical Handheld Air Ionizer is a lightweight, static eliminator designed for use in removing harmful electronic charges on circuit boards and other sensitive electronics, as well as for cleaning particulate from optical grade products. The...

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  • Industrial Electrical Ionizing Air Gun - 6406

    Industrial Electrical Ionizing Air Gun - 6406

    The Industrial Electrical Ionizing Gun is a highly-effective, anti-static blow-off gun ideal for use in a Class 100 cleanroom. The 6406 is compact and lightweight with an ergonomic design that makes it conveniently portable. It also has a light-touch...

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    Lithium Ion Battery Neutralizer AC Anti-Static Gun

    Neutralizer AC Anti-Static Gun

    The Neutralizer AC (anti-static gun) incorporates the efficiency and power of an air amplifier with the proven technology of corona ionization to produce a highly effective static eliminating blow-off gun.  In addition, it offers a lightweight...

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    Now: $949.00
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  • Top Gun Sidekick

    The Top Gun Static Elimination Gun is a lightweight but durable static removal gun.  It provides superior control and targeted particulate clean up for a wide variety of industrial applications. As a forceful neutralizer and blow-off gun, Top Gun...

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  • Top Gun Ionizing Air Gun, 120V Data Sheet page one

    Top Gun Static Elimination Gun

    The Top Gun (static control gun) is designed for user comfort with its flexible cord and easy-to-use trigger switch. The controls are integrated into the static gun body, including ionization monitoring light, replaceable long-lasting air filter, and air...

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