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End of Line/Spot Ionizers

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  • Ion Air Source

    The P-2035 Ion Air Source produces balanced ionization to effectively and eliminate static charges in a wide range of applications where a large area of coverage is required. Designed for use with the Model 4165 Air Amplifier, is intrinsically safe in...

  • Nuclespot Alpha Ionizer

    Nuclespot Alpha Ionizer

    The model P-2042 Nuclespot Alpha Ionizer is a small, self powered ionization device that quickly eliminates static charge. It’s designed for use in a variety of applications where space is limited, and is ideal for installation inside equipment...

  • P2021 Nuclecel End of Line Ionizer

    The model P2021 is a simple, reliable, efficient and effective means of eliminating static in a variety of industries, including electronics, optics, graphics and finishing. Easy to install on any clean, dry compressed air or inert gas line, the P2021...

  • P2031 Nuclecel End of Line Ionizer

    The model P-2031 is designed to deliver high volumes of ionized compressed gases at low pressure. Similar to the P-2021, it is easily installed on any clean, dry compressed air or inert gas line. As the compressed gas passes through the device, it is...