Electrical Power Supplies

  • Power Unit 5.5Kv

    Power Unit 5.5Kv

    HP50-2 Power Unit, 5.5Kv Output, 115V, 2-Ports, Special Balanced Output OV (+/- 50V)   Specifically for use with the AME4125B Ionized Air Gun. Sold seperately.   Questions? Contact Us

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  • EXHP Power Supply EXHP Power Supply

    EXHP Power Supply

    The EXHP Power Unit is a 110V, 50Hz high 6kV power unit, which supplies the energy used to run the ATEX Certified EX1250 Static Eliminator Bars. The EXHP Power Unit produces the high voltage and low current in a controlled and safe way to provide the...

    $796.00 - $1,120.00
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  • 7KV power supply for anti-static bars and anti-static guns Static Control Power Supplies

    Static Control Power Supplies

    The power supplies have 6' primary cord. 230V versions available. The power supplies have two terminals. Cable terminals, item # 5050001 also available.  Available Power Supplies: D167Q: 7KV, 120V powers up to 100 Nozzles F167: 7KV, powers up...

    $472.00 - $572.00
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